Risk Management

Mitigate Your Risk

Fastcomcorp can help your organization counter a broad range of exploitation techniques used by Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) actors.

We start by helping you identify the most significant risks to your IT infrastructure. More importantly, we can help you determine if you’ve already suffered a security breach and how to eliminate the threat.

Consulting and Services

Calculate Your Risk Financial Impact

Fastcomcorp’s Risk Monetization feature in the vunerability management tool estimates the financial impact of a potential data breach or ransomware attack.

This assessment is based on the value of your data and infrastructure assets and a record breakdown of sensitive datasets. The platform can also gives you an estimate of residual risk in your desired currency and what you can do to reduce this. Combined with the Data Discovery feature of the platform, the Risk Monetization tool lets you see what you stand to lose financially if an attack hits you.

The platform also estimates the recovery costs based on the cost to recover computers, employees’ downtime, and the value of the data that may be exfiltrated. Additionally, you can see your breach notification costs – something that is often overlooked when organizations assess the financial impact of an attack.

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