Kubernetes Hosting

Technology Overview

Kubernetes containers are a good way to bundle and run your applications to ensure that there will be no downtime. It also can be combined with other cloud technologies.

Kubernetes can keep track of your deployed container applications that are deployed into the cloud. It can restart orphaned containers, shuts down containers when they’re not being used, and automatically provisions resources like memory, storage, and CPU when necessary. There are cost savings involved in utilizing Kubernetes.

The technology was developed by Google and they open-sourced it in 2014.

Use Cases

Use cases for this platform are for WordPress websites, ecommerce, large-scale app deployment, microservices management, high-performance computing, devops, and (A.I) machine learning.

Kubernetes Hosting

Kubernetes Enterprise Hosting

Load Balancer

Manage ingress traffic with (fcc) Hosting Services™ load balancer. Set up custom routing policies and maintain session stickiness for incoming requests.

Nvidia GPU Support

Enable the GPU addon, and your Kubernetes workloads will be able to run on containers optimised for AI/ML workloads or High Performance computing (HPC) tasks.

Reduce Costs

Dynamically scale your infrastructure up and down to meet demand and maximize your cost savings.

Private Clusters

(fcc) Hosting Services™ has the bare metal option where you can deploy the Kubernetes platform of your own choice with dedicated resources.

Compliance & Reporting

Get the continuous compliance summary for cloud resources and applications based on governance and standard framework such as:

  • CIS
  • CSF
  • NIST
  • GDPR
  • SOC2
  • CMMC
  • STIG

With the CNAPP dashboard it will provide you a comprehensive view of the security posture from cloud native applications to the infrastructure where its hosted. It also covers application or infrastructure inventory.

Sent customized alerts to third-party SIEM (security information and event management) platforms and logging tools, such as Slack, Splunk, Elastic Search, Xcitium EDR, Trellix EDR,  Cloud watch, Jira with the help of trigger.

Kubernetes in 5G Carriers

With the 5G’s core network’s cloud-native environment. Kubernetes with AccuKnox can help wireless carriers fortify their 5G control plane. 5G networks support a wider range of frequencies, including high and low bands, which will ensure wider coverage and greater reliability. 5G represents a major step forward in the evolution of mobile communication. If carriers would like more info on how Fastcomcorp can help you secure your 5G network and request a demo. Go to this link.

Fastcomcorp is a partner and distributer of AccuKnox.

Gain visibility and security in the 5G spectrum

5G empowers the remote and mobile workforce by offering consistent, high-speed internet access regardless of location. SaaS applications, such as collaborative tools and cloud-based project management software, perform seamlessly on mobile devices, allowing employees to work efficiently from virtually anywhere.

(fcc) Hosting Services™ can help your organization extend your visibility in the 5G spectrum for your SaaS applications and web services. By choosing us to be your Kubernetes hosting provider you will be able to deploy your own private 5G network enabling data flow privacy and comprehensive runtime monitoring.

Backed with our 24/7 Support

Fastcomcorp support operations are available 24/7/365 to ensure you are all set up with your machines, no matter the environment. During your on-boarding, we go over what type of support service you need which can be completely customized to your requirements.

You can also get support for a broad range of cloud services, including building, migrating, optimizing and managing your cloud environments across AWS, IBM Cloud Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure.

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