Plesk Hosting

Plesk simplifies the lives of agencies and web developers thanks to its integrated platform.

(fcc) Hosting Services™ offers fast and reliable dedicated or shared Plesk website hosting services at any scale. Our specialists can help you bring your website to (fcc) Hosting Services™ in no time. Gain access to your own custom dedicated hosting environment with enterprise grade bandwidth or we can help you build your very own global network that brings your website closer to your audience and make sure it functions seamlessly.  At (fcc) Hosting Services™, security is also a key feature we put great emphasis on. All our shared hosting services include free SSL certificates.

Plesk Hosting

Customer Focused

(fcc) Hosting Services™ is a cloud hosting provider that offers a broad range of products and services including, private cloud, dedicated servers, hybrid hosting, colocation, CDN, SD-WAN, and cybersecurity. But what sets us apart from all the other providers are our dedicated account managers that we assign to each account. Your account manager who has a technical background can help you in planning, executing a cloud strategy, to providing advice, and implementation guidance alongside our engineers.

Businesses / Entrepreneurs

Businesses have unique needs and goals they want to accomplish for their business. Our managed services means we don’t just help you to create the server, we also help with the day-to-day maintenance and management. This can include software updates, security patches, support, and more. Fully managed means we keep your infrastructure secure and fast, so you can focus on running your business.

Digital Marketing Agencies

Digital Marketing Agencies need a specialized hosting service that allows them to create unique sites for each of their clients on the same hosting plan. Agency hosting often includes multi-site management tools, client support, website security, and features that streamline the creative pipeline. We help agencies cover all aspects specially in server performance, maintenance, backups, security, and bandwidth.

Critical Infrastruture / Utility Companies

Organizations in finance, healthcare, insurance, and utilities seeking to maintain a consistent level of enterprise-grade security with your dedicated cPanel hosting needs. Our cybersecurity and compliance experts are ready to understand your needs and walk you through our strategy and approach.

NGO's / Non Profits

(fcc) Hosting Services™ provides a discounted rate to non-profit's registered in the United States. Must be a US-based 501(c)(3) or 501(c)(19) organizations. This discount remains active for the lifetime of the account. We take care of your hosting to make sure that you stay focused on creating a impact by helping the community, raising funds, and spreading awareness.

Plesk Hosting Packages

Our Plesk Obsidian servers come with everything you need so you can deploy your websites. Also your code, comes with support for Node.JS, Python, .Net, Laravel and others.


This hosting package has everything you need for your startup agency and the perfect web developer environment to get started.


With this hosting package you can host up to 30 domains. Implement your very own private VLAN use it as a VPC (Virtual Private Cloud).

Zulu Ops

Expect high traffic on your websites? This is the one to go with. This comes with an Application Load Balancer to intelligently route incoming requests.

Dedicated Hosting

Our dedicated Plesk bare metal or cloud servers come with all the key features that make them perfect for any type of mission critical workloads. With the latest Intel or AMD processors. Plus all the exclusive features you need to power your mission critical workload on a 24×7 basis.

The Advantage

Fastcomcorp offers 100% dedicated single-tenancy, so you can isolate sensitive workloads and access hardware-level security protocols.

Advanced Networking

Fastcomcorp allows you to reach anyone on demand, cloud, sellers, partners, vendors, customers and employees.


Address multiple security, privacy, and regulatory challenges. Risk and compliance experts are available to assist

Backed with our 24/7 Support

Fastcomcorp support operations are available 24/7/365 to ensure you are all set up with your machines, no matter the environment. During your on-boarding, we go over what type of support service you need which can be completely customized to your requirements.

You can also get support for a broad range of cloud services, including building, migrating, optimizing and managing your cloud environments across AWS, IBM Cloud Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure.

Speak to us about your Plesk hosting requirements

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