Ecommerce & Retail Solutions

Deliver safe and engaging shopping experiences that lead to growth and retention.

From a customers’s first interaction with your online store, to the delivery of their purchase, developing and maintaining an emotional connection with your audience is key to driving conversions and loyalty.

(fcc) Hosting Services™ eCommerce and retail solutions has everything you need under its technology stack to help eCommerce and retailers re-architect their platforms with interconnection to their supply chains to help them deliver more omnichannel services to consumers while leveraging customer and product data and real-time analytics.

Use Cases

Data Management

Consolidate customer, product and supplier data all under a single platform. Thus enabling accurate forecasting, inventory planning and consistent omni-channel customer experiences as well as efficiency in post-sales and returns management.

Security and Compliance

Any business dealing with card payments and cardholder data must follow the 12 key PCI-DSS compliance criteria and the relevant requirements. One of the most important is testing security systems and procedures on a regular basis. The PCI-DSS standard covers aspects of third-party risk management as it’s applicable to all organizations that process credit card data, especially the heavily regulated finance industry. Our managed private networking and cybersecurity offerings can greatly benefit retail as well as eCommerce.

Business Growth

As your business grows, so do your infrastructure and support needs. That’s why (fcc) Hosting Services™ provides a range of services to support your digital infrastructure. Whether you’re planning upgrades, platform migrations or new implementations  or have a busy season approaching.  Our bare metal servers private or public cloud teams can architect and manage a best-fit, scalable environment customized to meet your needs.

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