Private LTE and 5G Network

Secure Cellular Connectivity

Private LTE networks offer a superior alternative to public networks.

Fastcomcorp’s IoT SIMs are available in two form factors: triple size (Mini, Micro and Nano) SIM cards and embedded MFF2 SIMs. In addition, our offering has key features to deliver an easy-to-use solution that lets you move fast and reduce your go to market time:

Gain full control over traffic routing and management.

  • The SIM card will request to connect to the visited MNO network.
  • The SIMs have access to over 650 networks globally.
  • The SIM is routed to a private Internetwork Packet Exchange (IPX) network, where it connects to the Evolved Packet Core (EPC).
  • Packets are then routed to a Private Wireless Gateway which we deploy to each individual customer. A Private Wireless Gateway is a dedicated P-Gateway (PGW) inside the EPC.
  • In the final hop between the client’s Private Wireless Gateway on the Fastcomcorp network and the customer’s cloud service provider (CSP), traffic is sent through a VPN interface, separating it from the public internet.

In essence, Fastcomcorp’s private LTE network data flow ensures a secure, direct connection from the SIM to the Cloud Service Provider of your choice. By leveraging Private Wireless Gateways and Cloud VPN, Fastcomcorp can help you bypass the public internet, offering enhanced security and reliability for data transmission. You can also enhance your bandwidth capacity with our tier 1 internet service providers.

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