Nvidia GPU Servers

Deploy Nvidia GPUs for Bare Metal Servers across North America and Europe. For power workloads in AI & Machine Learning, Mining Exploration, Cloud Gaming, Video Processing and more from a provider you can trust.

Your A.I Digital Infrastructure

Today start-ups and businesses are looking for a simple and complete solution that will provide them instant access to the resources they need to build and deploy AI without having to worry so much about the IT side.

With AI LaunchPad, Fastcomcorp customers can get started quickly in developing advanced AI on NVIDIA DGX™ SuperPODs managed by NVIDIA Base Command™ Platform. This offering is possible due to our partnership with Equinix.

AI development has shifted into a new phase in high performance where developers need AI to be able to securely access various data sources across clouds, data brokers, and the enterprise.

Our customers can also utilize the Base Command Platform on NVIDIA-Certified Systems™ from leading manufacturers including Dell Technologies and Lenovo. Built on the NVIDIA EGX™ platform, these industry-standard servers are ideal for running the NVIDIA AI Enterprise software suite on VMware vSphere that also scales AI on hybrid clouds.

The Fastcomcorp Advantage

This offering includes the End-to-End NVIDIA Hardware and Software Stack to Accelerate AI from Hybrid Cloud to Edge. It is a complete solution with a powerful network backbone, the neural network you need for your A.I project.

  • Sustainable energy
  • Latest GPU technology
  • Handling of Dense AI HW – liquid cooling
  • OpEx or Paas Model
  • Get access to our experts in A.I development and Cybersecurity.

AI / Machine Learning

Organizations are using A.I / machine learning technology with GPU servers to improve their products, services, and operations. They are taking their data and are building models to predict their customers behavior and refine their internal processes.

With our Nvidia offering your organization will be capable of analyzing multi-terabyte datasets with high performance processing.

Every major deep learning framework such as PyTorch, TensorFlow, and JAX rely on Deep Learning SDK libraries to deliver high-performance multi-GPU accelerated training. Deep Learning SDK libraries are API compatible across all NVIDIA GPU platforms.

Automotive / Transportation

Artificial Intelligence has had a clear impact on many business sectors, but it is particularly powerful in the manufacturing and automotive industries. Projections show that AI in the automotive industry will have a compound annual growth rate of almost 40 percent reaching $15.9 billion by the year 2027.

The most important area where A.I has made an impact on the automotive industry is operations.  It has significantly helped in reducing costs in all aspects of operations, from designing to manufacturing. Where it has improved supply chains, and identifying potential issues in vehicles.

Cloud Gaming and VR

Elevate your audience experiences to new heights with our complete hosting offerings for the video game industry. Deliver a seamless gaming experience to your customers with high-performance hardware, scalability, reduced latency, cost-effectiveness and flexibility.

When it comes to online gaming, every millisecond counts. A unexpected network outage, incidents, or hardware inconsistencies can result in frustrated gamers. Create the best gaming environment for your player base with our low latency infrastructure and scalable multi-cloud hosting solutions.

Virtual GPU / VDI Solutions

GPU servers have made an impact in the industry. Specially during the global covid-19 pandemic when medical clinics and hospitals needed to adapt to the restrictions with technology enabling their staff to work remotely.

Medical professionals were able to access remotely their specialist software on their system simultaneously, without degradation of image quality or having to download the images with the combination of VDI and GPU technology.

NVIDIA GPUs can ensure that your staff at remote locations can use graphics intensive applications, while preserving version control.

GPU Hosting Managed Services

Gain access to the expertise and experience you need to deploy, manage, and maintain a infrastructure for your gpu servers, so your teams can focus on developing and deploying your AI or cloud gaming initiatives.

Fastcomcorp can support you every step of the way from the design through to the deployment, and lastly to management. Where we will manage your digital infrastructure, cost-effectively.

Fastcomcorp Managed Services for NVIDIA DGX Include:

  • Onboarding Services
  • NetGen AI and Data Managed Services
  • HPC Infra Admin and Optimization Services


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