Data Center Services

Colocation + Managed Services

(fcc) Hosting Services™ data center footprint is over 250 data centers located in 71 major metros around the world. Because of our data center partnerships with Equinix, Telynx, and THG Ingenuity Cloud Services. (fcc) Hosting Services™ can build any kind of solution for our customers and offer mission-critical data center capacity. Bringing more value to the table than most telco data center providers. Our data centers offerings are Tier 3 or Tier 4 certified.

We can provide you with highly secure, reliable and scalable cost effective solution to grow your business and maximize efficiency. Our colocation and colocation managed service can help minimize ongoing IT infrastructure investments. Also provide you with network services and telecommunication services based on your requirements, and even offer dedicated servers to operate and monitor your infrastructure.

Data Center Services

Build Resiliency


At Fastcomcorp, we believe in making a positive impact on our planet. Our sustainability strategy rallies our people and partners to also do the same to make a difference. Our actions today will have an impact on tomorrow. Our data centers where we have our infrastructure is addressed by renewables at a 96% rate. By 2030 it will be 100%.


Our data center power systems include full uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems with N+1 redundancy levels or greater and backup generator systems. In case of a power outage, backup power turn on immediately to ensure constant uptime.


To keep equipment operating at its peak, each data center houses a temperature control system running 24/7. Throughout our global footprint thru our partner data centers, they continuously implement the latest cooling techniques to ensure performance and use energy-saving practices.


Traditional architectures create inflexibility and serious business risk. They are not built to handle distributed cloud services. (fcc) Hosting Services™ can re-architect networks by providing global edge services, creating an interconnected network between your campus, branch, data center and clouds. We can also help you allocate the necessary network resources on demand instead of provisioning peak bandwidth needs, which results in higher costs.

Optimize Costs

Avoiding unpredictable costs. (fcc) Hosting Services™ can help you shift infrastructure costs from CapEx to OpEx in cloud repatriation, cloud migration, cloud data egress, remote administration, and overall TCO.

Meet Compliance

Meeting regulatory requirements isn’t optional. (fcc) Hosting Services™ can support you to control compliance, regulation, data privacy, security and ESG challenges with our future-proof infrastructure solutions.

Private IT Infrastructure

(fcc) Hosting Services™ can help you create cloud adjacent solutions that provide the flexibility to deploy private IT infrastructure in locations where users, clouds, networks and digital ecosystems physically meet. You can cut latency dramatically and get the best performance for any hybrid multi-cloud architecture, all while eliminating unnecessary networking cost and bandwidth constraints.

Connect workloads seamlessly across private, as-a-service, and public environments.

Backed with our 24/7 Support

Fastcomcorp support operations are available 24/7/365 to ensure you are all set up with your machines, no matter the environment. During your on-boarding, we go over what type of support service you need which can be completely customized to your requirements.

You can also get support for a broad range of cloud services, including building, migrating, optimizing and managing your cloud environments across AWS, IBM Cloud Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure.

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