Open-XDR + SOC

Advanced Protection

Integrate and Automate for Comprehensive Threat Detection

Get a centralized view of your entire IT environment, including cloud-based systems, on-premises infrastructure, and endpoints with Open-XDR technology.

As the head of your organization in charge of cybersecurity. You understand the critical importance of protecting your organization’s workstations and servers from cyber threats. However, you may face challenges such as limited visibility into your network infrastructure, overwhelming security alerts, limited resources, compliance requirements, and the complexity of cyber threats.

Fastcomcorp provides a comprehensive solution to detect, investigate, and respond to cyber threats.

No Vendor Lock-ins

Open-XDR leverages existing security tools, not forcing you to migrate your security stack to a single vendor’s firewalls, SOAR, EDR, etc.

Security Operations Center

Organizations of all sizes have come to realize the only way to protect their networks and data around the clock is with a security operations center (SOC) that operates 24/7/365. When you outsource your SOC operations to Fastcomcorp. You will be minimizing the need to buy more security products, hire more staff, and to pay for more training.

If you outsource your SOC, it minimizes your need to buy more security products, hire more staff, and pay for more training. All your current stack will be working at optimal level because it will be managed and operated by our cybersecurity experts 24/7.

Gain access to expertise and help to address your compliance needs.

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