FedRAMP & FISMA Solutions

Solutions for government contractors and subcontractors

(fcc) Hosting Services™ FedRAMP and FISMA solutions are for government contractors and subcontractors who supports defense objectives, promote national security, and handle sensitive data.

Run your mission-critical applications in a compliant environment configured for optimal performance and with the highest level of security and compliance in our data center or yours. Our solutions for government contractors and subcontractors also come with our managed services that can help you meet controls for the most stringent government standards, including DFARS, CJIS, HIPAA, PCI, and ITAR.

Our capability to provide Fastcomcorp’s FedRAMP cloud platform meets the most stringent controls for physical/system/host access, network/perimeter security, and monitoring. We take ownership of up to 70 -80% of all compliance controls so you don’t have to. This offering blends the cost benefits and scalability of the public cloud with the security and customization of a private cloud environment.

We also provide government contractors and subcontractors secure networking and communication solutions.

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