Reduce Cyber Risk. Enhance Your Cyber Resilience.

Protect your business with an all-in-one, cloud-delivered Risk Management Service

Fastcomcorp vulnerability management service is a comprehensive solution where you can discover, understand, mitigate, and manage your cyber risk – all under a single screen.

Our multi-tenant, cloud-delivered Cyber Risk Intelligence platform eliminates the need for multiple-point solutions to handle different components of cyber risk management. Instead, it gives security teams complete visibility into the vulnerabilities in network-connected devices, systems, and web applications.

Vulnerability Scanning:
Fastcomcorp’s feature-rich risk management platform comes with a powerful vulnerability scanner with options to run internal and external scans. Our multi-tenant platform gives security teams complete visibility into the vulnerabilities in network-connected devices, systems, and web applications.
In addition, it allows them to triage these vulnerabilities based on severity levels, create mitigation plans, and patch systems quickly. Running either internal or external vulnerability scans, you can find hidden vulnerabilities in your environment and see the root cause. Some of the Fastcomcorp provided information includes:

  • Detailed CVE results
  • Root cause analysis
  • Vulnerability lookup and research
  • Progressive scan comparisons
  • Remediation action plan assistance

Dark Web Monitoring:
With Fastcomcorp’s dark web monitoring tool, you can find any of your sensitive information being discussed in criminal forums, underground sites, and the untracked/hidden parts of the internet. Our dark web crawler combs the dark web to find any compromised accounts associated with your
domains and whether your data or brand is being discussed or sold in hacker marketplaces. Dark web intelligence helps you spot signs of potential attacks against your organization early, so you can take preventive measures to strengthen your defenses and stop malicious activity before it causes severe damage.

  • Email alerts and notifications
  • A direct tie to CIS/DISA configuration protocols
  • Baseline standards lookup and research
  • Compare progress over time
  • Remediation action plan assistance

Sensitive Data Discovery:
Fastcomcorp’s Data Sensitive Scanning capability allows security teams to quickly scan selected devices to find sensitive data that needs to be protected. Such data can include:

  • Personally Identifiable Information (PII)
  • Personal Health Information (PHI)
  • Passwords
  • Bank Account Details
  • Social Security Numbers
  • Credit Card Data
  • Drivers License Numbers

This data can then be graded and classified based on volume, type, and business impact and either deleted or encrypted to protect against breaches and ransomware attacks. In addition, our data sensitivity scans allow you to choose from 150 different file extensions in the cloud, on-premise, and within your email environment.

If you are looking for a complete comprehensive cost effective solution to help you manage vulnerabilities in your digital infrastructure, then look no further. Fastcomcorp vulnerability management service is a very good option. The service can help you improve your security posture, reduce the risk of a data breach, and meet compliance requirements.

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